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Marketing is the first truly integrated print and electronic learning package for introductory marketing modules. It comprises: a textbook packed with learning features, combining authority and a lively and engaging writing style and a diverse range of electronic resources matched perfectly to the content of the textbook, available on the book's Online Resource Centre and instructors' DVD.

Marketing, Asian Edition

Le Marketing: Des Fondamentaux À La Pratique Contemporaine

Essential of Marketing

Following the outstanding success of Baines, Fill and Page's bestselling textbook, Essentials of Marketing has arrived! Retaining the exciting and dynamic approach Marketing is renowned for, this is the must have textbook for students looking to shine and excel in their marketing studies and future careers. Do your students need a fresh and concise introduction to marketing? Are they motivated by learning first hand from marketers at organizations like HMV and System Bolaget ? Are they excited by the prolific growth in social media and its implications for marketing? Packed full of exciting and meaningful cases from organizations such as IKEA, FourSquare, Groupon and WOMAD, students are encouraged to think critically and consider how they would tackle the real marketing challenges and issues encountered by professionals on a daily basis. Covering the latest trends and developments in marketing, including social media and mobile marketing, students are given the opportunity to go beyond classical marketing theories and explore the latest cutting edge perspectives Lecturers and students are provided with truly innovative online resources which are carefully integrated with the textbook.

For lecturers:

  • Access exclusive video interviews of marketers from well-known organizations including HMV and Innocent to share with your students and help make marketing theory relevant to them.
  • Save time by using the fantastic bank of additional resources including PowerPoint slides, comprehensive library of YouTube clips, test bank and tutorial activities to help support your teaching.
    • For students:

      • Learn from the top recruitment professionals on the attributes they look for in graduates entering the workplace.
      • Explore the latest developments in digital marketing and social media.
      • Download our expert authors' podcasts to learn and revise on the go .

Essential of Marketing

Propaganda 1:4 (SAGE)

A comprehensive major work on the topic of propaganda studies is required now more than ever. Not least because in the age of the 'War on Terror', we've witnessed terrorist bombings - suicide and otherwise - all over the world, which are often later accompanied by, and frequently preceded by, the use of propaganda to enhance the feeling of terror amongst the target population. Furthermore, propaganda is particularly important to study in this day and age because - despite its use over millennia - it is still poorly defined and understood. This timely four-volume set brings much needed clarity and context to the subject, leading the reader through its historic origins, its military uses, and the modern means by which it is manifested. Specifically - through a carefully selected collection of seminal and influential articles - the editors seek to demystify the topic of propaganda and explain how it works on the human psyche.

Framed by an introduction written by two of the field's leading voices, this set is organised to provide the reader with a solid and detailed grounding in all aspects of the subject, past and present:

Volume One: Historical Origins, Definitions and the Changing Nature of Propaganda
Volume Two: The Psychological and Sociological Underpinnings of Propaganda
Volume Three: Propaganda in Military and Terrorism Contexts
Volume Four: Advances and Contemporary Issues in Propaganda Studies

Political Marketing: 1-3 (SAGE Library in Marketing)

Political marketing has developed in parallel with commercial marketing through the course of the 20th century, with the commercial world of marketing informing the worlds of political and referendum marketing, and vice versa. The importance and ubiquity of political marketing activities is profound and increasingly recognized, and this timely collection draws together the most influential writings over each phase of its development. Arranged and introduced by a pre-eminent scholar in the field, this comprehensive overview covers micro-level marketing topics such as advertising and market research, as well as more recent strategic marketing techniques such as market positioning and market segmentation. In addition to the canon, there is room to explore the key literature on emerging topics such as ethics and the negative side of political marketing, including, for example, the marketing of terrorist groups.

Explaining Cameron’s Coalition: The Outcome of the 2010 British General Election

Explaining Cameron s Coalition is the first serious analysis of the May 2010 election, and the fourth in a series of books on British general elections to examine contests between the principal political parties from the standpoint not of the players the politicians and their closest observers, the media but from the people, for whom, after all, it’s all about. This book differs from its three predecessors, Explaining Labour’s Landslide (1997 General Election), Explaining Labour’s Second Landslide (2001) and Explaining Labour’s Landslide (2005), in that the outcome, a hung parliament with no political party having an overall majority, has radically altered the British political landscape.

Contemporary Strategic Marketing

An extremely fluent and effective text designed to be a complete resource for single semester modules, this book has a unique combination of text, case studies and readings - as well as a comprehensive companion website, new for this edition.

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