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Paul Baines has written extensively, typically with a wide range of co-authors (academics and practitioners), around the area of marketing for political parties and for corporate organisations operating in a political context, including marketing government and special interest group marketing, war PR and propaganda, and lobbying. He has also written around marketing for sports organisations and in higher education.

He focuses principally on market positioning, market segmentation and public opinion as the key underlying dimensions of his work.

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Baines, P.; Worcester, R.; Jarrett, D. and Mortimore, R. (2005), “Product attribute-based voter segmentation and resource-advantage theory”, Journal of Marketing Management, Vol.21, No.9, pp.1079-1116.

Baines, P. (2005), “Marketing the political message: American influences on British practices”, Journal of Political Marketing, Vol.4, Nos 2/3, pp.135-162.

Baines, P. and Egan, J. (2004), “Editorial: theory meets practice”, Journal of Public Affairs, Political Marketing Conference Special Edition, Vol.4, No.3, pp.218-222.

Lynch, R. and Baines, P.R. (2004), “Strategy development in UK higher education: developing a resource-based perspective of competitive advantages”, Journal of Higher Education Planning and Management, Vol.26, No.2, pp.171-187.

Baines, P.; Brennan, R. and Egan, J. (2003), “Political ‘market’ classification for strategic marketing implications”, Journal of Political Marketing, Vol.2, No.2, pp.47-66.

Baines, P.R.; Worcester , R.M.; Jarrett, D. and Mortimore, R. (2003), “Market segmentation and product differentiation in political campaigns: a technical feature perspective”, Journal of Marketing Management, Vol.19, No.1/.2, pp.225-249.

Baines, P., Lewis, B.R. and Harris, P. (2002), “The political marketing planning process: improving image and message in strategic target areas”, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Vol.20, No.1, pp.6-14.

Baines, P.R.; Scheucher, C. and Plasser, F. (2001), “The ‘Americanisation’ myth in European political markets: a focus on the United Kingdom ”, European Journal of Marketing, Vol.35, No.9/10, 1099-1116.

Baines, P.R. and Egan, J. (2001), “Marketing and political campaigning: mutually exclusive or exclusively mutual?”, Qualitative Market Research, Vol.4, No.1, pp.25-34 (among best qualitative papers selected from AM conference).

Baines, P.R. and Worcester, R.M. (2000), “Researching political markets: market-oriented or populistic?”, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 42, No.3, pp.339-356.

Baines, P.R. and Harris, P. (2000), “Kite-flying: the role of marketing in the post-BSE British beef export industry”, British Food Journal, Vol.102, No. 5/6, pp. 454-464.

Baines, P.R., Lewis, B.R. and Ingham, B. (1999), “Exploring the positioning process in political campaigning”, Journal of Communication Management, Vol.3 No.4, pp. 325-336.

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